Patchwork Central is a faith-based neighborhood outreach organization located near downtown in Evansville, Indiana.

Since our beginning in 1977, art and artists have been part of Patchwork. Our children’s program began in 1980, and from the start the arts have been an important part of these activities. Over the years, children in our Arts & Smarts activities have been enriched through experiences in visual art, music, dance, and drama. Children in the program work side by side with adult artists.

Their work is evidenced by Patchwork’s large art collection that graces our buildings and grounds. Some of this art is by children and some is by the adult artists who have offered their talents to our programming.

Take a tour of our art collection using the menu at the top of the page and learn more about the work you see!

For additional information about Patchwork, please visit our website: www.patchwork.org.


Many thanks go to the adult and child artists who have given their time to create the work you see.

Thanks also to these Patchwork interns who have worked to document the art you see:

  • Jessica Okray Loy
  • Annabeth Tucker
  • Erin Sparling
  • Emily Lowe

Thanks also to the many individuals, businesses, foundations, organizations, congregations, and others who provide financial support for Patchwork’s art programming. Among them are: